Saliva Testing

If you are not able to come to the store for an Iris Analysis, you may send a Saliva Sample. Your saliva contains your DNA which will enable us to evaluate your body’s imbalances and assess its needs.

Please fill out the Client Information Report & Membership Form (if you are not currently a member) and place in an envelope along with your saliva sample and fee and mail to the address below. Please feel free to call 410-729-4321 with any questions or concerns. We are excited to help and encourage you on your road to better health and wellness.

Saliva Sample Instructions:

  1. Use two clean cotton balls or cotton swabs.
  2. Work up a little bit of saliva in your mouth.
  3. Place cotton balls or swabs in your mouth to dampen with saliva.
    (They should be damp or wet but not dripping.)
  4. Place damp cotton balls or swabs in a Ziploc type baggie and seal.
  5. Please write your full name and telephone number on the baggie with a marker.
  6. Fill out the Client Information Report.
  7. If you are not currently a Living Well member, fill out the Membership Form and include it in the envelope.
  8. Place the baggie and the Information Sheet in an envelope and mail to:

Living Well
401 Headquarters Drive, Suite 101
Millersville, MD 21108

Service Available to Members Only.
* Membership Application


  • Saliva Sample Testing: $200, includes the membership fee.

Please call 410.729.4321 with any questions or concerns.

Required Documents