Iris Analysis (Iridology)

Iridology is the study of the iris of the eye to detect the condition of the body and its organs, and the body’s genetic strengths and weaknesses.

After the evaluation we will contact you to discuss your body’s imbalances and make recommendations on diet, exercise and supplementation and to answer any question or concerns that you may have.

The Window of the Body

A person’s eyes are referred to as the “window of the body.” Eyes provide a wealth of information. Iridology is the science of practice of analyzing the iris which is the most complex tissue structure in the human anatomy. There is a complicated relationship and interaction between the brain and nerve filaments and muscle fibers all carrying messages through the iris of the eyes. Iridology reveals the presence of tissue inflammation in the body, where it is located and the stage to which is has progressed. Iridology does not name diseases, but can see conditions developing long before there are symptoms to which a disease name is attached.

Iridology Reveals

  • Primary nutritional needs of the body
  • Inherently weak/strong organs, glands and tissues
  • Prolepses of the transverse colon
  • High risk tissue areas that may be leading to disease
  • Pressure of the heart
  • Results of physical or mental fatigue or stress on the body
  • The overall health of the whole body as a unified structure

Iridology Chart

The iridology chart shows the correlating areas of the left (and right) iris, as seen in the mirror. Changes in color or appearance of the iris indicates changes in the health of the corresponding section of the body.

The Iridology Chart is not to be used for self-assessment. A qualified iridology practitioner should be consulted for a reliable and in-depth iridology assessment.

Holistic Iridology Chart
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Iris Analysis Pricing

  • Adult Iris Analysis: $200 (includes Membership fee). Follow-up visits $50
  • Child Iris Analysis (under 12): $100 (includes membership fee). Follow-up visits $40
  • Pets / Animals: $50

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